Meetings & Research
Lund Spring 2007 Meeting
Madrid Spring 2009 Meeting
Prague Autumn 2010 Meeting
Duisburg Spring 2011 Meeting
Vienna Autumn 2011 Meeting
Aveiro Spring 2012 Meeting
Barcelona Autumn 2012 Meeting
Lund Spring 2013 Meeting
Lyon Autumn 2013 Meeting
Sheffield Spring 2014 Meeting
Venice Spring 2015 Meeting
Coimbra Spring 2016 Meeting
Madrid Spring 2017 Meeting

Research Workshops

  • Duisburg 04/2006

"The Modern Turn in Governance: Understanding Institutions, Actors and Cognitive Patterns in East Asia" – 
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  • Lund 06/2007

"Framing Risk: Hazard Perception as a Crucial Factor in Imagining East Asia" –
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  • Leeds 05/2008

"Risk in East Asia" and "Mis-taking Asia" – 
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  • Madrid 04/2009

"Risk Perception in East Asia" and "Re-creation of Identity in East Asia" –
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  • Prague 10/2010

"Decoupling" and "Risk and Trust" – 
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  • Duisburg 04/2011

"Methods of Studying Risk in an East Asian and Intercultural Context" and 
"Overcoming the Divide" – 
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  • Vienna 09/2011

"The Future of Higher Education on East Asia: Concepts and Experiences" and 
"Western Theory Meets East Asian Reality: Relevance and Applicability" – 
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  • Aveiro 04/2012

"Climate Change and Risk in the Context of East Asian Studies" and 
"Institutions and Trust in Environmental Governance in East Asia" – 
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  • Barcelona 10/2012

"The Nature and Evolution of Governance and Civil Society in Contemporary East Asia" and
"The Role of Governance and Civil Society in Managing Risk in Contemporary East Asia" – 
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  • Lund 05/2013

"A New Order in North-East Asia in 2013: New leaders, New risks?" and 
"Interdisciplinarity in Area Studies: A New Paradigm in the Waiting?" – 
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  • Lyon 10/2013

"Future Cities and Space Reconfiguration in East Asia:
Practices and Representations, Risk and Opportunities" – 
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  • Sheffield 04/2014

"Memory in East Asia: Ruptured Pasts, Contested Presents, Uncertain Futures" – 
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  • Venice 05/2015

"Water in East Asia. Interfacing Environmental Risk, Culture, and Society" and
"Cultural and Science Diplomacy in a Globalising World. Politics and Culture in
East Asia-Europe Relations" – 
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  • Coimbra 05/2016

"New Silk Road in the Context of East Asian Relations and Wider International Implications" – 
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  • Madrid 04/2017

"The Korean Peninsula at the Crossroads" and
"Contemporary East Asian Uses of the European Past" – 
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Venice Autumn 2008 Meeting

Business Meetings

  • Barcelona, in 10/2006
  • Lyon, in 10/2007
  • Venice, in 11/2008
  • Copenhagen, in 11/2009, with mini-research workshop on 'Globalization: Any Possibility of Economic and Political Decoupling in East Asia' –
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Other Conferences

December 6–8, 2009

The EastAsiaNet International Benchmark for Doctorates (PhDs) in East Asian Studies 

EastAsiaNet was a partner in the "Conference on Networked Regionalism versus Institutional Regionalism: Managing Complexities in Regional Cooperation and Global Governance",
organised by the EU Centre in Singapore. Find the conference report here.